Beside the seaside

Where better when the sun shines than the coast - a cooling sea breeze      a dip in the ocean and of course an ice-cream?! Some of our fondest childhood memories are of spending hours gazing into to the magical depths of rock pools where shells glint like jewels and prawns dance just out of reach. Here are our ten favourite things to do at the beach:

1. Playing ball – a good game is French Cricket where all you need is a bat and ball and a sense of humour.

2. Having a picnic – just watch out for sand in your sarnies.

3. Flying a kite – don’t do what we did once and tie it to Granny’s chair as when she gets up it will take the chair with it.

4. Beach combing – look for the tide line and see what’s been left behind as some of the drift wood can make amazing art work.

5. Making sandcastles – use plenty of water.

6. Birdwatching – take your binoculars as there are some surprising visitors to our shores.

7. Challenging you or your family to a treasure hunt – list things you could find nearby.

8. Rock-pooling – these can be hidden and when you find them use the plastic containers from your picnic to have a better view by holding them on the surface.

9. Paddling – the sea temperature after all this hot weather is perfect.

10. Buying an ice cream.


Ice cream goes with seaside like Punch goes with Judy which is why we have opened a new Granny Gothards shop at Budleigh Salterton in South Devon so do call in if you are passing as you can expect many of our best-loved flavours and some wonderful waffles to go with it.

After a day at the seaside possibly the last thing you feel like doing is cooking much for dinner so that’s where ‘one I made earlier’ might come in handy. One of our all-time favourite seasonal desserts is Summer Pudding which is actually better the day after it’s made so we’d like to share our Granny’s recipe and assure you that THE best thing to go with it is Granny Gothards Clotted Cream Ice Cream – if you haven’t tasted it, well now’s time!


For the summer pudding you will need:

500g of summer fruits such as blackberries, black & red currants, cherries, strawberries

250g of raspberries

125 g Caster sugar (or to taste)

8 thin slices of white bread (no crusts)

900ml pudding basin

Put all the fruit except the raspberries in a heavy bottomed pan with the sugar and warm until slightly soft and the juices run. Add the raspberries and leave to cool. Strain the fruit and keep the juice. Cut three circles of bread the same diameter as the basin you’re using. Shape the rest so it will fit round the sides of the bowl. Now dip each slice in the juice starting with the one for the bottom. Make sure it is coated in juice. Arrange the rest of the bread around the sides. Pour in half the fruit and top with the second circle. Pour in the rest and top with the last circle. If you have juice left, drizzle it over the pudding. Find a saucer that will sit inside the rim of the bowl and put it on top with a heavy weight. (Tin of beans? Rock from the beach?) Keep in the fridge until ready to serve and then turn onto a plate and serve with the ice cream.