Chocolate Heaven



Looking at the shelves stacked with Easter Eggs – if not in all shapes then certainly in all sizes, from mini to mammoth – we wondered where it all began. Well it seems that, like so many of our traditions, the origins go way back. There is evidence that people have painted eggs, the symbols of new life, for thousands of years. The enjoyment of chocolate is equally ancient although the civilizations that discovered it used to drink rather than eat it. It took those clever Victorians to put the two together and being West Country based, we rather like the story that the first hollow chocolate Easter Egg was made in Bristol by J S Fry.

The Victorians liked to prettify things and used satin and sentiment to make egg-shaped boxes for Easter gifts including chocolates, still a relative novelty then. The creation of a chocolate egg filled with chocolates was double joy! It was possible once it had been discovered that adding melted cocoa butter back to cocoa powder and sugar produced something mouldable. The first chocolate makers tended to be apothecaries who were interested in any medicinal properties it might have and who had the equipment for experimenting. We all want to believe something so delicious could be good for our hearts and minds, don’t we? Many claims have been made for the confection over the years but what is not in doubt is it has a winning flavour. It is the most popular sweet treat in the world and according to the World Cocoa Foundation, more than three million tons of cocoa beans are consumed every year.

At Granny Gothards, we can testify to the popularity of our Intense Chocolate and Chocolate Chuckle ice creams as they are in demand year-round. We also make Belgian White Chocolate ice cream (although strictly speaking white chocolate isn’t a chocolate as it doesn’t contain chocolate solids). Knowing how much people really love chocolate, we think it is a shame if not everyone can eat it because of what else might be with it which is why we have created ice creams diabetics can enjoy and a vegan range. And now, something truly amazing from Granny Gothards, a totally natural, additive free soft serve ice cream available in three flavours including chocolate.

Cocoa beans come from a tree called Theobroma Cacao – the first bit meaning ‘food of the gods’ and who can argue with that? If you want to be really indulgent you could pair a scoop or two of our Intense Chocolate with a glass of the gorgeous Elysium Black Muscat. Surely a match made in Heaven and not just because of the name. In her delightful ‘Furry Logic Laugh at Life’, Jane Seabrook wrote: “If there's no chocolate in Heaven, I'm not going.” She’s welcome at Granny Gothards any time.

Amanda stansfield