Dairy Free and the Rise of Veganism

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There is no doubt that the whole food market is changing very quickly to incorporate vegetarian and vegan lifestyles and choices onto the shelfs of supermarkets, restaurants, snacking and even fast food outlets.

The move to a healthier plant-based diet is something that has been widely reported and the numbers certainly back this up.

In 2016 it was estimated that there were 541K vegans over the age of 15, that number in 2019 was 3.5M with projected numbers expected to continue to rise over the next 10 years.

So why the boom in veganism? This is due to a combination of factors, but it appears to come down to more widely understood and easily accessible information.

As well as mainstream media reporting frequently and favourably on veganism, the internet and social media has undoubtedly had a huge impact. From animal rights documentaries on YouTube to amazing vegan food creations on Instagram, to articles being shared on Facebook, veganism has been given a platform it’s never had before.

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The rise in accessible and affordable vegan products have made going vegan so much easier. Most supermarkets now stock more vegan products than we could count. This includes convenience food, which makes life easier for busy vegans.

This is not to mention the upsurge of vegan options in cafés and restaurants, which have increased hugely in the past couple of years. Gone are the days of chips and a side salad – we now have multiple options in so many chain restaurants, including Zizzi, Las Iguanas, – even the Toby Carvery chain.

The perception of veganism from a health perspective is also evolving, helped along by numerous plant-powered athletes in the public eye. A vegan diet provides protection against diseases linked to lifestyle, such as obesity – and people are slowly waking up to this.

Having taken the time to speak to a number of vegans, we have been told that whilst some products taste great, usually those not trying to be meat…… there are also a lot of products that are not so good, and a look at the ingredients list is often quite alarming, especially as this diet is portrait as being healthy.

Here at Granny Gothards we were asked to produce a vegan ice cream and as we are never one to hide from a challenge, we were adamant that to make this range work we needed to stay true to our ethos of being additive free and totally natural.

We started with a Dairy Free Chocolate Ice Cream that we truly believe is not a compromise on taste, texture or quality and to this we added a Banana Ice Cream and now we are proud to add a Vanilla Dairy Free Ice Cream with more flavours to follow.

Amanda stansfield