Granny Gothards
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The Granny Gothards Experience

It's in the heart of the beautiful Somerset levels, in the South-west of England that, since 2012 with my team, we create and churn  the Granny Gothard  Ice-creams and Sorbets. As artisan ice cream makers we believe in adding nothing artificial and using only the very finest natural ingredients to make our amazing multi award winning ices.

Quality and Creativity  are our driving forces to bring to you, ours  multi awards products and as the Company goes from strength to strength we continue to make our ices in the same traditional way but on a larger scale. 


                                                                                                                Amanda Stansfield, Owner




Our Secret : Only the Best

Fresh milk and cream from our farm, hand blended with fresh egg yolk and sugars for our Ice-creams, a little water and sugar for our Sorbet, plenty of Fresh, Natural Flavours, a lot of Passion and The Granny Gothard's "Savoir Faire". Simple!

Granny Gothards products are free from additives, flavourings and artificial colourings and are sutible for those on a Gluten Free Diet. For those with dairy intolerances we offer a range of fruit and alcoholic sorbets together with a range of Buffalo Milk Ice Cream and also a new range a Goat Milk Ice cream.


Our Ethic : Choosing inspiration over competition for a stronger community and a healthier way to do business

Everybody  knows that ice cream is made with milk, cream and lots of other good stuff  so it's why at Granny Gothards, the well being of our  Holstein-Friesian Girls come first and are left grazing freely and stressfree in the fields of the Somerset Levels. And our happy Cows give it back to us with their exceptionally creamy milk.

In fact, it's not a suprise that Gothard Dairy  farm won some of the most  prestigious Awards : Pfizer Milk Quality Award , "Farmer of the Future", Dairy Farmer of year and  Exceptional Farming Standard by the Red Tractor Scheme.

And when it comes to add the tasty bits, there is plenty of good Folks around with some amazing Products so when the Season arrives, all those fresh local beauties go straight into our pots. Even  our packaging is fully recyclable and made in the South-West. The rest of the world has some very technical terms for that, like, Local Economy Growth or Reduction of Carbon Footprint, at Granny Gothards, we just call it : Common Sense.

We know to well that Ice Creams are The everyone's favorite so we take all the precautions while producing them, and hold the SALSA accreditation (5* on the door???). But it wasn't enough as we really did want everybody to be able to enjoy Granny Gothards. So, today, we are quite proud to say that : All our products are Gluten Free, ours Sorbets are suitable for Vegetarian and Vegan. We also produce a range of ice creams suitable for Diabetics - all as creamy and delicious as our regular range, but made with Fructose sugar instead and one done with Buffalo Milk for Dairy Allergy. We don't use any skimmed milk powders, artificial additives or colourings.


A Rewarded Passion...

Everybody at Granny Gothards is very proud their Ice cream and we ae not the only one to thing they are wonderfull as we are  regularly  Awarded for their Taste and Quality.. 


Nature provided the best flavours